The reference-based Astronomy paintings use false color mapping of gas emissions, sound waves, x rays and other phenomena invisible to the naked eye, otherwise known as astrophotography as inspiration for multi layered oil paintings. Images like these gained wild popularity thanks to  websites such as NASA's Astronomy Picture Of the Day, and the methods of depicting astronomic information that were initially used by large telescopes such as the Hubble and Chandra, and are now being utilized by independent astrophotographers around the world. As luxury objects, these small paintings refer to the baroque and rococo obsession with the precious and intricately executed, while seeking to remain painterly in the physical sense.

astronomy paintings



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"En su nuevo trabajo Planisferio sin titulo (Mexico) (2017) Vizcarra Rankin cristaliza desde un fondo negro un cielo estrellado y un horizonte – hermoso e indefinido – rodeado por los perennemente cambiantes paisajes urbanos y salvajes de Puebla, Ciudad de México y Tulum. Como una marinera que viaja por la noche usando las estrellas, nos ofrece un nuevo medio de navegar a través del tiempo y del espacio y nos lleva a cuestionar nuestro conocimiento establecido sobre la astronomía y la geografía. Considerando sus temas desde micro y macro perspectivas, sus mapas del cielo y del mundo son simultáneamente específicos y universales. "

Tina Plokarz y Kerry Bickford 
from Time/Scale 2017

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"In her new work Untitled Planisphere (Mexico) (2017) Vizcarra Rankin crystallizes from black ground a starlit sky and horizon—beautiful and indefinite–encircled by the ever-changing natural and urban landscapes of Puebla, Mexico City, and Tulum. Like a seafarer traveling through the night using the stars, she offers us a new means of navigating through time and space and prompts us to question our established knowledge about astronomy and geography. Considering her subjects from micro and macro perspectives, her maps of the sky and the world are simultaneously site-specific and universal."

Tina Plokarz y Kerry Bickford 
from Time/Scale 2017

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