south up World MAps

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    Benefit Dinner Plates, 2012 8x10ft mixed media on canvas

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  • Afternoon Cocktails, 2013, 8x10ft mixed media on canvas

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  • Boars into Barrows, 2013 8x10ft mixed media on canvas

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  • Global Optimization Diagram 2012, 8x10ft mixed media on canvas

  • Gondwana Reigns Supreme 2012 8x14ft mixed media on canvas

The cartography painting series is inspired by ideas of migration, nomadism and colonization. The maps are oriented with the South towards the top, referencing the seminal image by Uruguayan constructivist painter Joaquín Torres García. The paintings  fold up into packages the size of an air-travel carry-on and sustain wear and tear, with a tangibility not found in the now ubiquitous digital Global Positioning Systems.

Global Optimization Diagram (a.k.a. El Norte) received the Judith McGregor Caldwell Purchase Prize for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum's permanent collection in 2012 and is currently on view in the Fisher Brooks gallery.  More information can be found by following this link: